The Scenery.

General plains area in the north of the continent. Contains many small towns, including Skara Brae.

The Serra Gaúcha
Northern extension of the Rocky Mountains; technically, they are the same mountain range.

Nova Prata
A small, Hindu village to the east of Dakota.

Plains area east of the Amazon, and home of the Lakota.

Northern-most city of the Imperiya, considered the gateway.

Rossiyskaya Imperiya
A large empire further southwest of Venice, located in the Amazon, protected by the Rockies.

The Amazon
Lush tropical forest directly past the Rocky Mountains; home of the Imperiya.

The Rocky Mountains
Mountain range to the south and west of Venice.

One of the cities that the Via Regia leads to.

The desert beyond Damascus.

Via Regia
The road that passes out of Damascus, through Tell Ramad, and into the Qyzylqum. Connects to Venice and Magdeburg.

Skara Brae
The hometown of Telos and Cavillace. To the northeast of Damascus, northwest of the Serra Gaúcha. Located in the Valeia region.

Tell Ramad
The outskirts of Damascus, like a poor suburbs. The blue-and-green wall lies beyond Tell Ramad and the forests.

A major city-state ruled by King Minos. It is also a port city, on the southern part of the Rhine River. Surrounded by a giant blue-and-green wall.


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